Three Steps to Being Paid Well for Being Yourself

Be Yourself & Come AliveRecently a potential client asked me this brilliant question about getting paid for being yourself.
How do I find the confluence of my heart’s desire and my best value that others will gladly pay me for?

Step One – Identify and validate your heart’s desire.

Your true heart’s desire is what makes you come alive in the doing of it. A calling that is so aligned with your very being that it makes your heart sing with joy and fulfillment.

To verify and validate that high level of alignment you must first identify all of the essential components to right livelihood. You are a complex combination not only of desires but also of strengths, values,personality traits, preferred environments, beliefs, spirituality, vision, fears and transition requirements.components of right livelihood


Once you increase your self-awareness to the extent that you are crystal clear on all of these components then and only then are you equipped to begin looking at the highest and best business value that others will be glad to pay you for.

Step Two – Be willing to be all of who you are.

Going half way won’t work. Only a complete embrace of your wild and precious self will allow you to express as the glorious being you are.
Willingness to be boldly and only who you are is the bridge between authentic desires and client value.
This state of being is the willingness to be vulnerably who you are and nothing more than who you are. That means you must cease all conformity and mimicry to reach this highly self-actualized state. Mimicry and conformity usually show up as fears.

Those “not enough” feelings don’t come from your core nature but from you trying to be what you are not.
Often the fears need to first be cleared first before your authentic vision can be realized. You can clear your fears by writing them down and asking this big question to test their validity. Is this absolutely true of me? If it isn’t declare that you are letting it go now.

Step Three – Earning the right to be paid very well.

As you can see from the previous two steps this is an inside out process. It won’t work from the outside in. But assuming you have completed the first two steps what remains is this essential last step to creating value and receiving compensation.

Your willingness to be vulnerable already has potential clients trusting you. Now you must be crystal clear that you really get who they are and what they are dealing with.
Your product or service must be seen by them as the solution to the challenge they are facing. You’ve got to show clients that you understand them so well that they can readily see that you are what they have been looking for.

If you are ready to begin your own journey towards being paid well for who you are go here to request a no obligation consultation.


  1. Hi Tom,
    As an independent consultant, is there a best way to set your consulting fees? How can we better manage or improve the time-for-money aspect in consulting? Is there something we should avoid?

    • Luis, yes you ought to avoid at all costs charging for consulting by the hour. Time-for-money consulting does not set you up to be an expert with a special marketplace edge. Value based pricing that takes into account the specific outcome the client wants is a much wiser way to go. As far as setting your fees you want to go as high as you are comfortable with. You’ll know what that number is once you design specific value-based programs.

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