Top 10 Ways to Realize What You Were Meant to Do

start now to find what you were meant to do You were created uniquely so that you could joyfully pursue what you were meant to do. All other pursuits, of livelihood are too small for you. If you really want more joy, ease and glory in your work – then follow these 10 ways to freedom and fulfillment.

1. Know that self-employment or business ownership allows the freedom and flexibility to be the totality of you. You have a much higher probability of successfully developing a business that is aligned with who you are, then by working a job created by another.

2. Increase your presence within supportive and encouraging environments where the prevailing cultural memes inspire and boost individuality.

3. Seek guidance deep within the core wisdom of your own being. No one knows better than you what’s best for you.

4. Make decisions primarily not based right or wrong as deemed by others but on what works well for you.

5. Check in with your own energy and only take actions that feel expansive and uplifting.

6. Vulnerably open your heart and connect with fellow journeyers who are also looking to realize the work that lights them up.

7. Inquire into possibilities beyond what you can now see so you are not creating your future based on your past.

8. Recognize and act on the basis that what you think is in your way is only an illusion you created from judgment.

9. Let go of unnatural restraints of comparison, conformity, justifications, avoidance, self-doubt and judgment; they are limiting you to what they define.

10. Identify your natural points of eagerness. Eagerness leads to willingness which is essential to follow-through and completion.

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