Top Five Realizations about the Powerful Force of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools in the universe, but it requires engagement to reap its full rewards. Astound yourself by jotting down on a card just ten things you’re grateful for – using the guidance below. Carry that card with you and refer to it often for maximum results.

  1. What we focus on expands. Gratitude is a very powerful focusing tool because it both focuses and insures that the object of our focus is something we want more of. When we are grateful, our thoughts simply cannot be on something that we don’t want. Our job, as conscious creators, is to think about what we want. Our fate, as unaware creators, is to stay stuck by continuing to worry about what we don’t want. Write down the top two relationships with whom you enjoy the most trust. (You could really make their day by forwarding this link to them and announcing them as the relationship you value the most.)
  2. Gratitude turns on our natural well-being. Health, wealth and all thingsWoman in Fieldgood are our natural sates of being. There is a mind-body connection that positively affects our health and well-being and it comes directly through gratitude. Gratitude serves as a switch to energize dreams and desires. When it’s on and the juice is flowing freely, our vision improves so that we can see what’s possible. Write down the top two states of health, or body parts, that you are most appreciative of.

  3. Gratitude enhances our clarity. Gratitude instantly prioritizes our options so that we can focus on what makes us feel good. The fastest way out of overwhelm is to focus on what brings you alive. Invest your energy and attention there. Confusion is a state brought on by a lack of gratitude. If you want your life to make more sense, begin with a list of what you’re grateful for. Opportunities flow from clarity. Write down the top two opportunities that make you feel most alive when working on them.
  4. Gratitude strengthens our connection to Life Force Energy (the Source of all things good), to our powerful core selves and to one another. Gratitude is a remarkably inclusive energy. Since all problems result from exclusion, this is a huge realization. Within this connection, our strongest, highest self is encouraged to come out and sing. So thank you my friends for every kind thought and deed past, present and future. Thank you from the depths of my heart and THANK YOU GOD! Write down your top two blessings, strengths or natural talents.
  5. Gratitude allows us to unconditionally accept and celebrate ourselves. The lack of self-acceptance, self-love and self-confidence are primarily what holds us back from being magnificent. Self-appreciation, or inwardly focused gratitude, both strengthens our natural talents and celebrates our growth. We really do need to remember and recognize how wonderful we are. If there is one trait that most of us share, it’s that we are too hard on ourselves. Forget humble and forget selfless; they simply don’t work well. Instead, give yourself regular doses of self-appreciation. The fastest route to being generous and brave for others is to first strengthen oneself. Validate yourself and remember to celebrate small victories. Cease waiting for worldly recognition; it may be too long in coming, and not as powerful as your own gentle acknowledgment. Acknowledge yourself by writing down your top two achievements or learning realizations from the past year.

Gratitude, like love, multiplies only in the expression of it. So if you thirst for it, be the source of it. We all reach the point of facing challenging times. We cry out for understanding and cooperation. We seek the answer to our woes; yet the most powerful answer lies in our acknowledgment of who and what we appreciate.Focus on who and whatever brings light or value into your life. Gratitude is the gift that lifts, for both giver and receiver. Gratitude warms the heart of God because it acknowledges creation at its natural best.

Carry the card with you throughout this Thanksgiving season and really allow the appreciative juices to flow. Buddy up with a friend who wants to join you using this exercise and plan to talk the weekend after Thanksgiving to celebrate the bounty.

Imagine how you’ll feel enjoying tenfold the blessing you now have.

Thank you for being you.


  1. This is a lovely article on the subject of gratitude. Thanks for sharing!
    May I post this on my blog and share with my readers? I am happy to
    link back to your blog and give you full credit.

    In Balance,


  2. Shann, you honor me, of course, post away. I’ll be sure to check out your blog soon as well. Thank you for giving me yet another reason to be grateful in this beautiful season.

  3. Tom,

    What a terrific blog, so inspirational and in harmony with the Universal Laws. I love it.

    I am grateful that you visited my blog: and for your kind words.

    You will always be blessed! I look forward to visiting often.


  4. I’m grateful to Tom for his advise and comments on my new blog, Let’s Talk Business!

  5. Dave Wheitner says


    Thanks for sharing these great thoughts on gratitude! This is certainly a key component in life coaching, and is important to keep in mind in our everyday lives. I’ve also done some writing on this in my own upcoming book geared toward socially and ecologically/environmentally conscious individuals and those in nonprofit and “idealist” professions. Due to the high rates of burnout, etc., this type of thinking is especially pertinent. I’ve drawn from the work of individuals like Stephen Post (Institute for Research on Unlimited Love), and your thoughts complement many of his.

    Thanks again for visiting my site at, and I look forward to reading more at your excellent site in the future!

  6. Gina, well said. I love looking at the language we use and its effect on our reality. It’s always a pleasure to read a wordmaster like you. I’m very much looking forward to your new book. Be sure to visit again once it’s out so my readers can follow your link back and order it.

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