True Calling On A Wing A Prayer And A Guess

On a wing and a prayer means in beat up condition but still managing to get the job done. The saying is taken from a World War Two patriotic song that tells the story of a damaged plane barely able to limp back to base.

I think it’s wildly inspiring to fly by the seat of your pants and just make it.

Some folks get overly concerned about being able to find their calling because they fear they don’t have one. These fearful souls believe as if they are somehow so special that they were put on this earth for no meaningful reason.

So what, you haven’t yet found work that expresses your purpose, what are you going to do, quit life?

Are you going to quit living and settle way down in the depths of depression because your personal true calling quest has yet to be fruitful?

Don’t give me that bull. You may have stuck your toe in the water a bit but you have no right to hang it up, until you at least try a wing, a prayer and a guess.

Don’t quit life. I want to encourage you to suck it up, take off and make it back to the authentic base of who you are.

A Wing

To take flight, find some reason to feel good enough and hopeful enough to get to the next milestone of positive belief. That’s all it takes.

You simply need to change your perspective enough so that you reach the tipping point of positive belief.

To get started you just have to believe that finding and enjoying your true calling could happen. Then you just have to express the courage enough to say that you want it to happen.

All transition is about latching onto the uplift of positive energy and riding it to the next progress point.

This next point of progress can be a fresh realization of understanding or actual results. It doesn’t really matter which, as long as you can feel the energy of hope.

Being hopeful is ill advised only when it’s the only thing you’re relying on. But when you back your hope up with just enough action to stumble forward, hope becomes an uplifting and effective strategy.

Enthusiastic energy provides the fuel of hope when results are thin. It doesn’t really matter what belief is behind your hope. Sometimes we need to lean more heavily on the confidence of others until our self-confidence builds.

The best reason for working career discovery on a wing a prayer and a guess, is because at least you are in the game. When you’re in the game and not merely on the sidelines fortunate synchronicities become more probable.

Timid souls who play it safe, never get even a whiff of these delightful possibilities because they are too damned sacred of losing the life of their daily bitching.

A Prayer

After years of work with hundreds of coaching clients, I’ve come to understand that identifying one’s true calling is primarily a spiritual process. Regardless of individual religious beliefs, this process must be approached with sacred reverence and respect.

True calling cannot be intellectually “figured out”. This process is deeply meaningful to the individual and to the greater community that the individual serves. This sacred connection makes the conscious awareness of working a spiritual process essential.

I want to share with you the prayer that I prayed to accelerate clarity around my calling. This prayer is not for the faint of heart, but for the bold. Do not pray this powerful prayer without a willingness to follow your call. Pray to the God, Higher Power or Inner Guidance of your own faith.

MP3 File

A Guess

Any educated guess, put into action, will get you 100 times closer to seeing your real calling than the most brilliant strategy that is planned and never acted upon.

Really, if you simply wrote down the business that most brings you alive by imagining it and decided on one small way to take committed action for the next two weeks, your life would be forever changed.

Seekers of ideal work would be better off by experimenting, by guessing, by putting themselves in play more often so that life force energy of calling can bless them. Guess and act and you too will receive experiences by which to adapt to move closer to calling.

Make more decisions in every day because a decision is a summoning of life. That’s why a little chaos is good for you, because often you don’t make a decision until you get yourself in a jam. And then, in the middle of the jam, you make a decision, but that decision summons Life Force. Have you ever been a place where you couldn’t quite make up your mind and you just felt sort of limp? “Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.” And then you decided, and you felt alive again. We want you to know that you’ll never get it done. So don’t approach this from, “I gotta get on this” because you’re not ever going to get it done, anyway. And the other thing we want you to know is, you cannot get it wrong. So, make a decision. Let it flow.
— Abraham

Which part of this sacred, true calling trinity do you need to engage right now?


  1. Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul says

    I LOVE the idea of a well-educated guess taking us a LOT closer than if we don’t ever take action. Awesome advice!


  2. Beautiful article. A new personal mantra: ‘I live my life on a wing, a prayer and an intelligent guess..come to me now.’ But one has to be ready to receive as well. If one is really ready to receive, it will come. Without a doubt, it will come. Thank you for your post. I will share it with many.

  3. Andrea – Somehow I knew that would be your favorite! You’re one of those rare folks who understands both inner wisdom and focused action.

    Barbara – Welcome! Yep you’ve got that right being open to receive, to actually allow our good to unfold is a critical part of the equation. Blessing to you; thanks for visiting.

  4. Tom, this is beautiful! I am still pushing forward..
    these lines especially resonate…
    “On a wing and a prayer means in beat up condition but still managing to get the job done…”
    I am tired, worn, accomplished, and I feel at peace 😉
    and yes, spirituality is a process.
    I feel most of the work has been “inner work” to really bring everything out into the open to share.
    I just launched my first authentic project with family and friends last night, and the e-book will be on my website hopefully in the next few days .. as long as the upload &details.. and such goes well 😉
    almost there,.. then rest!!! 🙂
    before the next one… xx
    have a beautiful weekend, Tom
    and thank you for all that you do to help motivate and encourage many to pursue their authentic callings!

  5. Jenn – It’s always good to see you here because I know you remain inspired and determined regardless of conditions. The world needs you to express your gladness. Stay with it and sing the song that only you could.

  6. Hi Tom – I used to feel like I’d wasted a lot of time trying different things until I read this. Now I can see that it was better than doing nothing.

    I now feel as if I’m heading towards where I want to go next. I’m not sure if it’s my true calling but it feels exciting. I will try your prayer tomorrow to see what feedback I get though. When I pray last thing at night, I sometimes fall asleep on God.

    PS – I’d heard the saying and knew what it meant but I didn’t realise it came form World War II.

  7. Great post – and the title says it all!!!

    The prayer is wonderful! Maybe you could create a “True Calling Prayer Card” – I’d love to have a printed version to read while I do my devotions.

  8. Cath – That’s right. It’s all good and it all took you a little further down the hall. It takes movement to see opportunities. Even when we stumble and bumble forward – we are still making progress. Good show!

    Kathy – Great idea. Thanks I’ve been looking at other ancillary true calling support products. I’ll keep you in the loop. Be well and keep calling forth that calling.

  9. Chris Edgar says

    Hi Tom — thanks for this — this brought up for me how I used to feel like “I shouldn’t pray for help finding out what I want, because that would be greedy.” Naturally, the original career path I took neither satisfied me or anyone else. Things really started to flow when I started acknowledging that there are powerful reasons why I want the things I do — reasons that go way beyond just me and that work toward the betterment of the world.

  10. > The best reason for working career discovery on a wing a prayer and a guess, is because at least you are in the game
    Well put.

  11. Chris – Yes I get that. It seems as though going through those feelings of being okay with selfishly honoring who we are is an evolutionary path that all wise men and women walk. Humanity is glad that you’ve now accepted your place.

    J.D. – Damn right man. In the game is always better than on the sidelines wondering if you’ll ever answer the call.

  12. Dear ,

    Please pray for my job in VIT Health Center Vellore. At present am working in Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospitl. And I apply thr post of lab-technician in VIT Health center.Please pray me. Thank you


  13. I feel I am in “No man’s land” at present.

    I have had my present job as a Security Officer in a big international airport for more than 20 years.
    For the majority og all those years I have liked and enjoyed my job, which has brought me into contact with the whole world.
    I have interacted with all… literally all kinds of people and have had many good, strange, rewarding and also tragic experiences.

    But this job is not and has never been what I would call my true vocation, life-path or calling.
    Every single day now I feel extremely sad, disorientated and completely confused about how to discover what I was put into this world to be and do.

    I have been off work since September last year due to an accident, which almost for certain will prevent me from returning to the same kind of work.
    I am extremely worried about how to be able to meet all my financial obligations in the future, if I am unable to uphold the same or close to the same income/salary.
    I only have a low income and certainly do not in any way have a luxurious lifestyle. But I don’t just want to find another job that I can manage… I want and need to find my true calling. The job, career, way of seing life, way of making a positive difference for the world that I was put here to find, see and do.

    Where do I go? What can I do? What should I look for and where? I have absolutely no idea!
    I would like to write… but what could I write about that would be of interest to others? How could I possibly get startet?
    I would love to have a small cottage with a bit of land, have sheep and make a living from working the wool… but my health is not good and I am not young anymore, not to mention how to find the money. I would absolutely love to study but that doesn’t give mé bread on the table.

    So many BUT’s I can hear you thinking, but… I am stuck and cannot find a way out of this darkness.
    I am still employed and there has been no talking of making mé redundant as yet, but it is a matter of time.
    The bottom line is that I have no desire to return to that job. I have the greatest desire to find ME… my true calling.

    I simply don’t know how.

  14. Toolah,

    I can feel your pain. You need to act in some direction and to quit thinking about what you don’t want. Here are two things you can do immediately.

    1). Go to my website and download my free Core Calling guidebook.
    2). Attend this free call this Thursday, January 19, 2012, at 4 PM ET. it will help you find your natural eagerness.

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