What Happens in a Complimentary Focused Fridays session?

* We first schedule a mutually suitable time to talk by phone. complimentary strategy session

* We talk confidentially for about an hour and record the session so you can review the nuggets afterward. It’s revealing to listen to yourself respond to deep questions, so you can expect to become aware of new insights and fresh realizations.

* These sessions do a deep dive into your current situation, where you really want to be in the next year and what you see is in the way of getting there. You’ll leave the session much clearer.

Getting to the heart of what matters most to you is my most valuable asset. What’s stopping you isn’t what you think it is. 

* In summary, I offer a few quick actions you can take immediately.

* Then only if you want to – we discuss working together options to get you where you want to be as surely and swiftly as possible.

It really is a complimentary strategy session

• Coaching is a sacred undertaking so both client and coach need to experience synergy before a decision can be made. I only work with committed clients who fit my intense, highly accountable style.

• You’re under no obligation to hire me … ever.

• Even if we never work together we both gain value from the connection and greater understanding.

If you want to start a business schedule your complimentary strategy session here.

If you want more clients for your existing business schedule your business growth breakthrough session here.