What You Need to Know When Your Partner Wants To Start a Business

entrepreneurial supportGiven our uncertain economic times more and more spouses and partners are faced with the question of how to support a partner who wants to call her own shots and start a business.   Immediately when the subject is broached the other partner often jumps straight to the fear of how his family’s lifestyle might be adversely affected without a steady paycheck.  So how can you sincerely support your entrepreneurial partner?

This fear triggers the entrepreneurial partners doubt and results in more delay and uncertainty. A sense of hopelessness is often felt along with unspoken resentment towards the more fearful partner.  This resentment added to a sense of obligation to continue in non-fulfilling work can shake the very foundation of any relationship.

If you’re that spouse that wants to continue the so-called security of what looks like sure thing, I understand your fear.  But don’t you really want to support your partner and do everything you can to add to her happiness?

What if there was a way for both of you to get what you want?

Being aware of these insights can put you in position to give your partner a way out without jeopardizing family security. Read them and then ask.  Knowing that each of these is true how can I best support my partner?

1). Unconditional support and encouragement matters.  Facing the trials of entrepreneurism is hard enough without adding home battles to outside ones.  When the entrepreneur can feel as though she has a home sanctuary to rest and recharge it increases the chance of her success.  So ask yourself this. How can I be more unconditionally supportive and encouraging for my partner?

2). The only real security is self-created by owning your own business where you have the freedom to make all of the decisions regarding your wellbeing.  Coming around to seeing the truth in this statement will help you to understand that the choice for self-employment actually increase security.

3). When one partner is unfulfilled in her work usually both are.  When the first partner successfully pursues self-employment success the likelihood of the other partner doing the same vastly increases.

4). Often when the discussion to create a business is on the table only the downside risks are examined. What if the gains from this move would give you both more joy and prosperity than you ever imagined possible?  Frequent imagination sessions with your partner where you both viscerally envision the rewards of success will actually increase the probability of living a prosperous and fulfilling life.

5). Making the move to entrepreneurship does not have to put your well-being at risk. With the help of a qualified business coach you and your partner can agree to non-negotiable transition requirements that determine when a move is actually made.  This agreement makes sure that your partner will only quit her job after each of these requirements is firmly in place.

If you want to help your partner get really clear on the nest moves for your family have her go here to request a free strategy session. You are invited to attend along with your partner since you are in this important move together.






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