When will your ship come in?

your ship coming inOne thing that we all seem to agree upon is that the timing of when we shall receive what we desire is unpredictable. We behave as though the arrival of our desires is determined by some mystery of the universe.

But what if the timing were actually up to us? What if it is you who is creating the storm that’s preventing your ship from coming in?

Many in the spiritual community believe that anything is possible and that each individual creates her own reality.

We believe that it’s all good and that everything happens for us not to us.

Yet we are so impatient because we want more, better or some more delightful version of life and we want it now.

So it would appear that while we say we accept responsibility – in the same breath we are turning over that responsibility to the Universe or some power greater than we are.

But what if our desires are indeed on the way to us and it is the combination of how we are being, what we are thinking, saying and doing that actually speeds up or slows down the arrival of greater possibilities in our lives?

If that were true (and today I’m thinking it is) then what we do and who we are while waiting for that greater gift actually affects the timing of the gift.

Wisdom says ask and you shall receive. But what if the law was more accurately stated as follows?

Ask and trust that your request is now on its way to you AND you are fully responsible for how soon it arrives.

If that were so how would you be, think and act differently to guide your ship in? I’d like to show you how.

Be my guest to take the first step here.

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