Life Coach Questions & Answers for Prospective Clients

How can your coaching guide me to understand how life really works?

There are few universal truths about life that are true for all. Among them:

  1. What’s true for you is unique to you and can only be found within.
  2. Life does not happen to you; life happens for you.
  3. A coach can support you and guide you to see newly possible options but you must choose and do the work yourself.
  4. You are most powerfully a human being thus how you are being is causal to how your life unfolds.

How do I find direction in my life? There are so many areas that need a change I’m not sure where to start.

Life Coach Tom Volkar

Life Coach Tom Volkar

It’s very challenging to decide on a direction without knowing how you want your life to be in each area. The surest way to decide what you want your life to look like is to clearly understand who you are. By going within and understanding all the components that make up who you are, you are then in a much stronger position to make decisions in alignment with your inner leanings.

Can I really start over and make a fresh start this late in my life?

Yes, of course, it doesn’t matter how much life you’ve lived in years. What matters is that you begin honoring yourself by steadily working towards the life you would most like to live. You know the areas of your life that you would like to change. Select the one that means the most to you and make a clean break with the past. Do anything that you haven’t attempted before and your perspective will change.

How can I start really going for what I want instead of settling for what seems safe?

Look in the mirror and make a strong declaration that you have decided to honor your deepest wishes and do what works for you. Then ask this question and follow-through on the answer. What’s one small step I could take today to prove that I am indeed honoring myself? Take that step.  

How do I let go of my family’s hold on me that I know isn’t good for me?

It sounds like you are already aware of what’s not serving you well. Congratulations, that’s more than half the battle. It feels so hard to walk away from a family’s hold because you have been raised to be a loyal member of that tribe and that’s a powerful pull. Yet you are truly the only one who really knows what’s good for you, so make your decision, tell them you love them and make your move. They are just afraid for you. But no one can live your life for you.

Is there anything that makes change easier?

Yes. Clearly look at and imagine the upside of your proposed change. We live in such a deficit-focused society where risk is often over analyzed without seeing the good.  Imagine the positive elements of your life change and then feel grateful for them in advance to pave the way.

What can a life coach do for me that I couldn’t do for myself?

With your life coach serving as an unbiased yet unconditionally supportive third party, you will see more options sooner and realize much more about yourself and what you are capable of then you could ever see alone.  You can then use these realizations to see other possibilities, choose one and you are on your way.

You talk a lot about the value of fresh insights and realizations. Why are they so valuable?

Realizations are valuable because they help you to see options that you were previously blind to.  Realizations create rich and solid decision-making ground.  Fresh insights come from within you beyond your mind and experience. That means that they are free from the limitations you’ve put in place to try and control what happens in your life.  Realizations are heart centered and as such they come already prioritized with a clear path to follow.  Shortcuts are much more likely when we honor a fresh realization because it arrives with built-in momentum.

I can see the change I want to make but I’m really afraid to go there.  How can working with a you get me past this fear?

As a life coach, I have far more tips, tools and exercises in my arsenal to get beyond fear and into action than for anything else.  So you are not alone. Fear visits us all when we are thinking about making big changes. Start by clearly identifying the fear by answering this question. What do I think might happen if I made this change? Then ask if you have any proof that it will happen that way.  Most likely you don’t. That’s your best proof that fear isn’t real.

It seems like I’ve been stuck in this unsatisfying cycle where I’m just repeating a series of longer and longer days of discontent. How do I break free? 

You’ve got to do something really different from all the things you’ve tried before. That will give you a fresh perspective and an enhanced awareness which will then present even more new options. But you can’t just stay in your head and figure this out. You’ve got to do something very different.  That often comes from first being something that you’ve never been. 

It seems like everyone has an opinion on what would be good for me. How can I make the right decision?

Stop looking to others for the solution to your challenge. Look within. People who care about you will always have an agenda of what they want for you. Unfortunately, these well-meaning folks are basing those wants on their own life perspectives and how they think one avoids fearful circumstances. You can’t excel while living someone else’s life.

How do I quit compromising and start really living?

Take one small step that answers this question. If money, age, experience, time and education were of no concern what would I do with my life that I’m not now doing?

As a life coach, how long do you work with your clients?

We’ll work together for as long as it takes. Resolution can happen in an hour or a few months.  Write me here with the changes you most want to make in your life and we’ll begin with a radically honest, obligation free conversation.