Life Coaching

Life can be a bear.  I get that. I’ve been there. 

But it doesn’t have to be. Being unsure about where you are, where you want to be and how to get there makes life unnecessarily painful.

Most of us feel too much pressure and overwhelm while experiencing too little genuine pleasure and joy.

Pushing things aside or trying not to look at challenges only makes matters worse.

The majority of my practice is coaching business startup clients but regardless of your aspirations, life is an inside game.  Many business coaching clients need life and relationship coaching to first clear the decks so they are strong and ready to launch.  Life coaching clients, often need to go deeper to really see what they want. 

You can feel stronger and be more confident by seeing and choosing your optimum path.  Most of my life coaching clients have and major decision to make that they just aren’t making.  If you are willing to choose your best path, I am willing to stand by you and watch your back.

My Life Coaching will help you to:

  • Clearly see what matters most to you and make real progress you can see and enjoy.
  • Build your confidence and esteem.
  • Jumpstart your momentum to living more effortlessly.
  • Not give a damn about what others think of you.
  • Lessen your obligations, find greater focus and reclaim lost energy.
  • Champion you while you take right action.

Clients talk about Tom’s life coaching.

Bill Weil:

Recently I was struggling with a knotty issue at work. I was really jammed in thinking about it, and it was literally keeping me up at night. In just one hour, Tom had me unwound, clearly thinking, and on a course of successful action. Ten days later that issue has not bothered me once. I’ve used several coaches successfully, and I can tell you that Tom is as good as they get.

Lisa Brady:

Tom Volkar understands “stuckness.” And he can shift you out of if faster than anyone I’ve ever worked with. He doesn’t use a club to beat you out of it. He will kick your a** and call you on your crap. That’s what great coaches do. What separates Tom is the depth of his toolbox and the compassion in his approach. He really gets what you’re going through, gets in the mud with you and together, you’ll craft a plan to move you forward.

Gino Delcianco:

Tom has a gift for getting you to focus on your priorities and then take action. Tom is for real, no fluff he will hold your feet to the fire. You want results? Then Tom is the guy for you. Hire Tom and find out for yourself. He stands above the rest.

Melissa Gottschalk:

Tom is truly gifted at what he does. I enjoy his enthusiasm and he brings great ideas and thought provoking conversations to the table. His services provide insight into what really makes us tick and how to better understand our path in life. If you are looking to unleash that little voice inside you then Tom can help!

Unique Value Points of Tom’s Life Coaching

  • You’ll start over and make a fresh start with determined focus.
  • You’ll really get that are not your past.
  • You will not stay stuck – you will be in the midst of right movement.
  • You’ll get to the core of important matters much sooner than you think is even possible
  • You’ll realize that getting what you want is NOT about knowing how to do something.
  • You’ll be held firmly accountable while I encourage and support you unconditionally.

 It’s my honor to unconditionally support and guide you to a life of freedom, joy and magnificent accomplishment.

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