Growing Your Business

Business Coach Tom VolkarI’m Tom. Welcome to my Growing Your Business coaching page.

Are you  a solopreneur who wants?

  • To build a professional practice with a steady flow of ideal clients
  • To be acknowledged and rewarded for uplifting humanity in a way that honors your distinct individuality
  • To blaze new trails in the way that only they can
  • To enjoy the fruits of your efforts while having the complete freedom to call your own shots

I have a unique perspective on what it takes to build a practice because I’ve been a self-employed solopreneur for the last 17 consecutive years.

Feature_LifeMy business coaching is different because it’s highly customized in approach and structure to guide you only on what’s essential to grow your business.

I take an inside out approach that first honors my client’s distinct capacities and individuality over market conditions. If making lots of money is more important to you than being deeply fulfilled in your work – then I’m not the coach for you.

My personal style is direct, unconditionally supportive and agreement-based so that you are always working on achieving the next milestone while eliminating doubts and building confidence.

In my Confidently Grow Your Business within 120 Days program I guide you through the following milestones:

1). Achieve Perfect Self-Awareness.

You’ll get clearer than ever before, on who you are. This is important because the clarity serves as a personal foundation on which to make strategic business decisions. This is critical so you can lead with your own preferences and individuality rather than be swayed by economic influences, outside pressures and the agendas of others.

2). Replace Fear with Confidence.

In this step we identify what’s stopping you, crystallize what you really want and make it real. You’ll break through self-created obstacles, clear your fears and reconnect with your natural confidence. This is a requirement to make your business thrive.  As a result, you’ll feel more confident as you empower your business choices.

3). Develop a Week by Week Business Building Plan.

In this step, we’ll work to create a customized business growth plan to build your business according to your desires.  Together we’ll assess and prioritize 20 business development elements so that you are only working on the essential steps to reach the next milestone.

4). Refine Your Business Niche & Model.

At this point, I’ll walk you through a comprehensive decision-making process and it’s here that you’ll make the exact, right niche and ideal client decisions that honor your individuality. This step covers how you make your money, identifies your ideal clients, ideal client outcomes, and your signature marketplace advantage.

5). Making Your Business Thrive.

Making your business thrive means that you’ll get very clear about what makes your business distinct and how to leverage your unique marketplace advantage.  You’ll refine and develop your web presence so that it’s aligned with who you are. You’ll complete a market eagerness assessment and engage an effective marketing strategy that works especially for you. Finally, we’ll work on refining your client enrollment system so you can secure a higher percentage of ideal clients.

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Business Growth Clients Speak Up

Jeanne Birnkrant:
I was determined to revitalize my coaching business but was very frustrated with choosing my niche. I struggled with deciding on an ideal client niche for months and was fed up with the process. Within just 15 minutes of our first call, Tom so succinctly stated my heart’s desire that I was moved to tears. If you need help discovering your ideal niche – work with Tom, he’ll swiftly guide you to clear and powerful results.
Kathi Finch:
Working with Tom, I’ve learned so much about myself and feel very confident that I’m moving forward in the right direction with my new consulting business. I know I wouldn’t be anywhere close to that point had I not worked with Tom, and I’m so grateful for his insights, his generosity in sharing his experiences and expertise, and for keeping me accountable to the work I needed to do.
Eric Zydel:
Before my coaching engagement with Tom, I didn’t realize how the health and growth of my 2-year-old engineering consulting business was being impacted by my own perceptions of myself and the value of my company’s services. I was afraid to be judged, afraid to fail and afraid to succeed all at the same time. Following my work with Tom, I was easily able to project the power and value of what we had to offer to the marketplace. The improvement in our business development efforts and the perceived quality of our product was dramatic. I was able to fearlessly raise my rates and actually turned business away for the first time ever!
Burt Moorhouse:
After selling my business some years ago, I could not decide exactly what I wanted to do. After a few weeks with Tom, we nailed it! This construction business advisory service is such a good fit for me that rather than avoid the “what do you do” question, I look for opportunities to “self-promote.”
MJ Calloway:
I hired Tom two days after I resigned from a six-figure corporate sales position. I knew the business I wanted to design and the model I would use. I had the business name and a ton of creative ideas of services and products. Between my ideas and several major companies recruiting me, I knew I could easily veer off the path I planned. With Tom’s savvy guidance, I identified my services and I went from zero clients to 14 clients in five months.
Beth Caldwell:
Whenever I have a client who is starting their own business or launching something big, I always refer them to Tom. I personally received major breakthroughs immediately after our first session working together.
He is a master at guiding his clients to fresh realizations about themselves and their possibilities.

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