Business Startup Ideas, Questions & Advice

The best new business startup ideas are those that arise from your own original awareness. I’ve written this business startup guide in two parts. Part one provides savvy business startup help by answering frequently asked questions.

Business startup ideasPart two consists of consciousness raising questions only so you can awaken to your own best business startup ideas. These are designed to be asked without jumping to a quick answer. Instead, allow the questions to simmer as your awareness gradually expands so will the number of new business startup ideas. As you continue asking questions the possibilities will increase until you happen upon one that feels very expansive and energizing to you. That is the business idea that you need to start.

Part One

What’s the best way to choose the right business startup idea? Choose it by first getting very clear on who you are as an individual. Once you have that guiding foundation you can more confidently choose the business idea that is in alignment with your desires, values, strengths preferred environments and other business discovery elements.

How can I lessen the fear of a possible loss of success, money or security if I quit my job and start a business?  The only certain security is created by calling your own shots while enjoying the freedom of building your own business.  Fear lessens as you take focused actions. It’s much more challenging to lessen the fear if you’re just thinking about it. You need to act. As you begin to know yourself greater and align your business to your individuality the fear gradually subsides. One powerful action is to set and honor transition requirements that empower you.

Don’t I owe it to my family to play it safe and not risk our security?  Setting an example of self-honor is much more important than teaching fearful caution.  Would you rather show your family the thrill and enthusiasm of being alive in your work or be a demonstration of a timid individual who did not go for what really mattered? Your family really only wants two things; they want your interested attention in their lives and they want you to be happy.

How do I know if I have what it takes to launch and operate a prosperous business? If you were not capable of bringing your best business idea to fruition then the idea would never have even come to you. By completing each step of your business development plan you’ll slowly and surely validate your capacity.  You do have what it takes. You have the capacity to contribute to humanity in an extraordinary way. Isn’t it time to enjoy the intensity of being fully alive in your work?

How can I secure my family’s support and understanding so I can start a business?  Have a family meeting and sincerely talk to them. They may only see the risky downside in self-employment. It’s up to you to paint the picture of the probable, glorious upside so then can line up their enthusiasm with your own.

How can I be sure that I’m ready to start a business?   Readiness is determined by preparation and confidence. Confidence arises out of the energy of authentic alignment. If it feels expansive and right to you, then you’ll feel determined and confident to make it work.  Confidence grows through action and succeeding at a series of small steps.

What if I don’t know what I want, sometimes I think it would be better to get another job but I don’t want to be stressed and shackled by work that doesn’t bring me alive, how can I decide what’s best for me?  You’ve answered your own question. You know that the freedom of self-employment is what you really want but you’re afraid because of the unknown.  Your uncertainty is self-created by two things: 1). Judging yourself for a lack of clarity. 2). Believing in conclusions on what could go wrong without considering the likely upside of the many possibilities that could turn out wonderfully well. Many of the limited conclusions that you believe are not originally your won but picked up over years of cultural conditioning.

You can decide what’s best for you by first enhancing your awareness of what’s possible so you can feel a more empowering energy.  You can’t choose while stuck in the energy of doubt and confusion. So first change how you feel by asking questions; then choose an uplifting possibility. You can’t get to where you want to be by just thinking about it. You’ve got to choose something that feels expansive, then increased awareness will give you clarity and confidence to act.

How can I get clear on what’s really stopping me from making this move? What do you think it could be? Generally, fear has no basis in fact. So the reason you hesitate to do what you know would be good for you has its roots in some story you created that only seems real.  Your mind is good at coming up with those kinds of play it safe reasons. Write them all out and then look at them one by one and ask. Do I absolutely know this to be true? If the answer is no then the reason has no founding.

What are the odds that I can be successful by creating my own business in my own way? Alignment with your individuality equips you for success.  Success and fulfillment come sooner and more easily by creating a new business that is ideal for you, more so than it could ever come by copying a business created by another. The marketplace rewards rare, authentic expression, so do not compromise; instead, follow your unique core makeup by starting a business that is developed in the way that only you can.

Do I need to first find my life purpose before going into business? You don’t need to know your purpose before starting a business.  Sometimes life purpose can seem so big that it is intimidating and hard to imagine a business that measures up to it. Your purpose or more accurately your true calling will make itself known by operating a business that positively impacts humanity.

How can I be sure that my original business startup idea will work?  You can find some assurance by researching what clients are already buying that is similar to your product or service.  It’s not enough just to start a business doing what you love; you must also give your clients what they need by offering it in the way they want it.  That comes when you care enough to really understand your clients. Keep talking to them and researching until you know the conversation that’s already going on in their heads. That is the point where you want to enter and offer your product.

Lots of online resources say that I should first write a business plan and decide my tax status, are those really the best first steps to take?  No, definitely not. Unless you are already doing business you do not need to decide on your legal business entity first and you also don’t need to write a business plan right away. How can you do either when you don’t yet know the best business for you?  The first thing to do is to make sure that your business startup idea is in complete alignment with your individuality.

Since you have 18 years of business startup coaching what you think I need to know in order to start my business?

  • How to select, discover or create the right business for you.
  • Factors that increase the probability of your business model meeting a clear market need.
  • How to create a determined and confident business startup mindset to decide, act and follow-through.
  • Marketing that differentiates you by clearly positioning your most valuable selling point as an outcome desired by your ideal clients.

How do I select, discover or create the right business startup idea for me?

  • Believe in and take notice of every nuance, coincidence, and desired possibility. Your life speaks to you; slow down, reflect and listen.
  • Mine that possibility for the highest joy. What about imagining it brings you fully alive?
  • Select or create an environment that inspires uplifted thinking.  No second and third place dreams.  They have neither the creativity nor the drive to come to fruition.

How do I discover factors that increase the probability of my business model meeting a clear market need?

  • Are people already searching for a solution to a real problem that you can alleviate?
  • Does the pain being experienced by these people with the problem tug at your heart? Do you really care?
  • Are others already in this market serving it in a different way? Can you connect with your uniqueness enough to set yourself apart? Be fresh, controversial, relevant, distinctive, and remarkable – something needs to set you apart in the way you do what you do.

How do I create a determined and confident business startup mindset to decide, act and follow-through?

  • Write out, at least, one winning scenario on paper that works.
  • Look within for guidance until you latch onto an idea that inspires you to give it all that you have.
  • Use a thorough and comprehensive decision-making system.
  • Work with an experienced coach who can walk you through a thorough business selection system.

Part Two

We can only choose based on the awareness that we are willing to have. Coming to any conclusion about the way things are, cuts us off from even seeing other possibilities. We create new and changed circumstances in life by making choices, seeing possibilities and expanding awareness and it all starts with having the willingness to ask questions.

Each morning only ask the questions that feel uplifting to you. Do not try to answer them. Just ask knowing that greater awareness will come to you.

I wonder, what might happen if I really believed that I was already on the right track?

What would it be like to know the right business startup advice right when I needed it?

What if I could be happier in my work than I even think is possible?

What would it take to see the ideal business startup idea for me?

What would it be like to begin each work day eager and alive with possibilities?

Instead of making an assumption or jumping to a conclusion what question could I ask here?

What would it take for life to come to me easier and with greater joy?

I wonder what it would feel like to enjoy total peace of mind and prosperity in my work?

What if I could feel like if I knew that the Universe has my back all the time, what might be possible then?

What would increase my awareness so that I acted as though I believed that anything is possible?

What would it take for me to increase my willingness to ask more questions?

What could I wonder about more rather than holding onto fixed points of view?

What question could I ask here?

When challenged ask … What’s right about this I’m not quite getting?

What work would bring me the deepest fulfillment and overwhelming joy?

What business experience is possible way beyond what I can even imagine?

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