Starting Your Business

Coaching that guides you to make the best business startup decisions for you. My Confidently Quit Your Job and Start a Business in 120 Days program is a comprehensive decision-making process that will guide you to starting and prospering in the business that suits you best.

If you’ve wanted to start a business and haven’t, what keeps you from acting?

  • Are you unsure of what business to start?
  • Do you fear the possible loss of success, money or security?
  • Do you doubt that you know what you really need to know, in order to start a business?
  • Are you concerned with how this decision might impact your family’s lifestyle and security?
  • Do you question if you have what it takes to launch and operate a prosperous business?
  • Are you concerned about a possible lack of partner support or understanding?

If you’ve wanted to call your own shots while enjoying the freedom of operating your own business and have yet to make your move – my Confidently Quit Your Job and Start a Business in 120 Days program will guide you to right action.

I understand the pressure you’re under.  Perhaps you have a good job and others are telling you that you’re nuts for giving that up and starting your business.  But they don’t understand the drive you have to make your own mark and be free.

Or perhaps you’ve tried self-employment once before and you hesitate because the experience was painful.  You just want to get it right this time by making the right choices for you and your family.

Or maybe you have become lost and overwhelmed with the overload of business startup information that’s now available and you really don’t know where to start.  It’s most likely that traditional business advice is not the advice you need.

At the core of my program are five progressive steps that prepare you to choose and launch the right business for you.

1). Achieve Deep Self-Awareness.  You’ll get clearer than ever before, on who you are. This clarity will serve as a personal foundation on which to make essential business decisions.

2). Replace Fear with Confidence.  In this step your deep desires will become crystal clear.  So much so that you’ll break through self-created limitations and obstacles by claiming your natural confidence.   As a result, you’ll feel more empowered to make your move.

3). Develop a Week by Week Business Building Plan.  Right now you know how to be an employee.  That’s clear to you.  In this step, you will get really sure on what it takes to be a business owner.  By following your customized plan, you’ll be making real progress developing your new business startup.

4). Refine Your Business Choice & Model.  At this point, I’ll walk you through a comprehensive decision-   making process and it’s here that you’ll make the exact, right business choice for you.

5). Make It Real. Here we celebrate because you’ve done it! You’ve set a date to leave your job and start your business. Making it real means that you’ll get very clear about what you’re selling; who you’re selling to and what your unique edge in the marketplace is.


Business Startup Clients Speak Up

Cynthia Zydel:

Having been self-employed as a consultant years ago, I planned to transition from a corporate job back to self-employment within a few years. Through deep exploration with Tom around my values, priorities, and passions, and Tom’s intense challenging of the obstacles I presented to making a change, I made the decision to leave my corporate job and go back into consulting within two months of working with Tom… years sooner that I had planned. The decision was both frightening and liberating. I would definitely use Tom again.

Christine Gallagher:

Tom Volkar is a talented coach and an amazing mentor. When coaching you to make the leap to self-employment, Tom is so good at getting to the core of why we often get in our own way. Tom has encouraged me to stop playing small and taught me the importance of taking massive inspired action and of being authentic both in business and in life. I feel much more prepared to move forward with my business because of the clarity he has given me. Tom’s coaching has given me countless “a-has.” He will push you to dig deep within to find not only your true values and strengths but what may be blocking you and causing blind spots.  I would highly recommend Tom if you are looking for a supportive guide to help light the path to start-up success.

David Goldstein:

When I approached Tom, I was very frustrated with my career and business goals. I felt the need to do a career reset, but couldn’t see a clear path to get there.  Tom let me vent my frustrations and set forth a number of weekly commitments to obtain clarity. I was surprised how effective these exercises were and how practical Tom’s advice was, even though I am in a very technical field. Within a few months, a light bulb went off and it was at that point our relationship changed from self-discovery to obtaining clarity for making my business vision come true.  Tom offers real, practical advice and encourages not falling into that trap of appeasing the teacher. He will challenge you, get to know you, and get to the heart of what your blocks are and how to overcome them. It was a breath of fresh air getting away from all that endless stream of self-help feel-good material out there, and obtaining expert advice for getting a plan in motion. I fully recommend Tom if you ever feel stuck in your career and need a push in the right direction to becoming an entrepreneur.

Sally Lee:

From the minute I heard Tom’s voice, I knew that he would provide the energy level and guidance that I needed to really explore my life’s passion/calling. I am grateful for the opportunities that Corporate America has provided but have always felt that the rest of my life was on hold. Tom helped me work through the roadblocks to my own happiness by making me address the fears and concerns that I had about starting my own business and provided practical and creative solutions to help me understand that my values and lifestyle were not in line. What I thought would take a couple of years for me to finally take the risk and start two businesses, only took three months and I am so grateful that I am no longer wondering, “What if?”

Lyndsey Smith:

Working with Tom was one of the best decisions I made for my business and myself in 2011. I had just quit my full-time job to pursue my business full-time and looked to Tom to help keep me on track with my new adventure. Tom helped me put the pieces of the puzzle together and was able to meet me where I was at in the process. He was able to help me conquer some deep inner fears that were holding me back from moving forward with my goals. I not only learned how to say, “No,” more often, but I also increased both my productivity and my coaching skills in the process. He has a highly intuitive sense and helped get me to where I was to where I wanted to be.

Christine Hoke:

I was paralyzed for 22 years (working for the same company) from FEAR of making a personal decision and the dream of launching a business of my own.  I had visions of what I would like to do as an entrepreneur, but the inability to relinquish the, “I can’t do this!” or “what will people think!”, phrases would not leave my head. I lost myself and became someone that was not me.  I read every self-help book and watched many videos on how to become an entrepreneur and live a fulfilled life…what a waste of time on ineffective tactics.   Tom is so client focused that he tapped into who I really am…my core self! His process innovation and unique understanding of identifying key elements holding me back enabled me to move past my fears. He is intuitive, precise, committed, and energetic. He gets to the heart of the matter, holds you accountable, and champions you continuously.  I am now a proud owner of an accounting & software solutions firm. I have NEVER been happier and living an authentic life.”

Unique Value Points of Tom’s Business Startup Coaching

  • You’ll come up with multiple, unique business possibilities and this comprehensive decision-making process will give you the confidence to choose the right one.
  • In the process, you will bring out your core contribution to humanity and be inspired by your own personal greatness. This is necessary so that you stay the course and make business decisions based on your own individuality.
  • You’ll understand prosperity and how to engage money movement them to make your business model more abundant.

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