Top Seven Benefits of Knowing Who You Are

Woman in FieldKnowing who you are is the best way to discover your true core calling. It’s also essential to choosing your ideal business.Β 

So many folks are living in paralyzing fear because they are trying to live a life created by others. Hiding behind the mask of appropriateness deadens your soul and changes your identity to something less than you could have been.

Instead be all of who you are by knowing who you are and you’ll never go back to mimicking others. Get inspired by these powerful benefits to being the individual you were always meant to be.

1). The honor of giving space to who you are gives you access to so far hidden wisdom. Gain access through asking your most challenging discovery questions. Residing within this wisdom are jewels in the form of thought connections, fresh insights and rich realizations.

2). Decision-making is easier and more spot on. You only struggle with big decisions because you are choosing from culturally created options that are not a fit for you. Be who you are and you’ll more readily see the wisdom of hindsight in foresight.

3). It allows you to see opportunities you were once blind to. It’s impossible to see the right opportunities when you are looking through false lenses. But once you know who you are, then you can see more of the opportunities that fit you.

4). You’ll be more productive with less effort. Authenticity allows you to tap your purest vein of inspiration so you don’t have to use will power, discipline and self-control to get things done. Inspiration is the only effective antidote to resistance.

5). True north self-identity allows you to see options that are more supportive of your true desires. But when you are living a false life, one that was created by someone else, the choices you see only perpetuate that fallacy. Living from true north gives you greater access to the actions you can take to get what you want.

6). You can only truly see what you want (your heart’s desires) from the vantage point of who you are. These desires of your heart of hearts feed you at a soul level. They are your Divine gifts that have been sent from God’s heart to yours. Until you honor who you are these gifts stall in limbo waiting for your recognition of them.

7). Once you know who you are you can choose or create work that is aligned with you. This work is your natural edge in the marketplace. It is your calling which is the work that will give you both the greatest fulfillment and the most prosperous rewards.

Which of these benefits inspires you the most to be who you are?

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  1. Hi Tom,

    that’s a great article and so spot on.

    For me, the main benefit to be who I really am is Freedom. The freedom that emanates from being in touch with my true self, which expands my limits far beyond my minds limitations. All the rest flow from that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Marta,

    Yes I guess freedom is a benefit. I’ve always looked at it as a heart’s desire that inspired me to act but it could also be a result of knowing oneself well. Good call.

  3. Chris Edgar says

    Hi Tom, I liked what you said about big decisions looking difficult only because we’re worried about failing to conform — personally, I’ve finally felt free enough recently to do a lot of zany projects that I’ve been holding back from doing for years because they were inconsistent with my serious, “successful” identity. I’m glad I can still do them!

  4. Hi Chris, Yes here’s to zaniness and not giving a damn about what others might think or say. When we throw away the need to conform lots of opportunities show up and they are the most fun because they are the most suited to us.

  5. Trouble is when we thought we already knew who we are then suddenly we realize we’ve been strangers to ourselves.

  6. Well put.

    I like to drive from three questions:
    1. Are you giving your best where you have your best to give?
    2. Who are you and what experiences do you want to create?
    3. Are you living your values?

  7. Hi Tom,

    First time seeing your site, but this was a great read. I especially liked the point about being able to be more productive with less effort.

    I’ve had those moments when I was not being myself in the work I do. I could tell it made my work much harder because of it.

    Now I work in a much better fit that allows me to be true to myself. The owners I work under are amazed by how much work I can get done, I feel thrilled by my work, and I couldn’t imagine working in a different field.

    This was very inspirational. Hope to be back soon.


  8. Our true calling is indeed aligned with who we really are. If we learn to stay true to ourselves, we don’t need to stress out ourselves by giving too much effort in projects that do not reflect our authentic selves. It would almost be as natural as breathing πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Tom,

    These are great. I work for a company that uses DISC and Values assessments for this purpose especially. It’s amazing what managers can learn what their employees value and how they are motivated.

    Knowing yourself and your calling is so crucial to having a happy life. I really appreciate you sharing these tips with us.


  10. Hi JD,

    I like your first question. That’s a man up question for sure and one we ought to ask daily.

  11. Hi Bryce, Welcome. Always good to meet another work-inspired individual. t sounds like you’ve found your calling indeed.

    Hi Joyce, That sounds good, a calling as natural as breathing. I’m there sometimes but not always. I think there exists a good reason for the contrasts even in our natural callings. They exist so we can appreciate the good times.

  12. Wow. Nice article and tough call to make at the end. For now I’ll go with number two. Soooo much depends and cascades from the decisions that we make. I think that if we are making decisions/causes from a place that is true to who we are, the results/effects of those causes are more likely to be in tune with who we are and what we’ll need.

  13. Hi Chris, welcome. Yes there are cascading consequences to each decision we make and even to those we do not make. When we are operating and choosing form the strength of who we are – we see more of the right options for us.

  14. “You’ll be more productive with less effort.” I love that!

    Great article and definitely worth sharing.

  15. Hi Tom,
    Love this article. Thanks for making these benefits so clear. The ones that really stood out for me were “Decision making is easier and more spot on” and “you’ll be more productive with less effort.” When I don’t know who I am I am more apt to waffle in my decision making process and ultimately make decisions that are not sound. And I do this while wasting a lot of time. This is why journaling my feelings is so important. It gets me to that place of knowing myself. πŸ™‚

  16. Knowing or discovering oneself is something not everyone think of doing.Having said that I do try to discover myself everyday.Like I know I have potential to do everything but my fears are only hindrance between my and my goals.Having confidence in oneself and in God plays a vital role in the process of discovering oneself , I’m doing it!

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    How Well Do You Know Yourself?
    This test aims at discovering how well you know yourself.

  17. Busy Signals says

    2-5 really resonate with me. My biggest struggle (I think, anyhow) has always been a lack of focus–not a lack of care or attention, but of being interested in and wanting to do too many things. My decisions, my use of time, my energy, all were diluted by chasing too many different rainbows in too many different directions.

    Getting in touch with who I really am and who I really want has made a world of difference–it facilitates focusing on those few things I really do care about, making good decisions about them, and really getting them done.


  18. The Biggest lesson I had ever learned and the best at that is to always be true to yourself. Livign a lie equals misery.

  19. oniya adelola says

    this really is a great article.i have been thinking about self discovery for a while now.i am actually good at something but wanted to shy away due to some reason.but then i realized many ways i needed to be unique.there is one space out there with nobody to fit in nd needs then i decided to go back to where i ‘ve missed i’m back to writing and of course it feels as natural as breathing.

    • Oniya,

      Yes honor yourself by d being he person only you can be and by delivering the service that only you can. Your greatest gift wants to serve others. so ask, what would it take for all of me to come out and be the gre4steness that I am?

  20. I still remember the day I stepped out of 23 years of teaching and into the life I wanted to create for myself.
    Yes, it took that long for me to discover that I was living someone else’s dream! πŸ™‚ lol
    Great article and great reminder that we have such a short space between birth & death.
    We might as well begin living our own life today. It’s a much better adventure.

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