Only You Can

only you can be youOnly you can be all of who you are.

Only you discover, create and develop the ideal business for you.

Only you can decide to fully accept your unique blessings by bringing them to market.

Only you can love and honor yourself enough to risk being the distinct individual that you are.

Only you can pursue the activities that truly light you up.

Only you can choose to stand up against the tides of conformity and the agendas of others.

Only you can choose to create the unique contribution that you came here to create.

Only you can pursue your creative happiness until you come fully alive.

Anything less is deadening.

What would it be like for you to be admired and prosperously compensated for doing the thing that only you can do?

I can’t do it for you but it is my honor and gift to guide you. If you’d like to explore this further start here.

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