Top Ten Tips For Authentic Business StartUp Success

Can you really find authentic business startup success while being practical? Yes, it’s really the only way to be happy and make money.

If I had only 15 minutes to share the best business startup advice I tell you to use these tips as your guide.

1).  Starting your own business can be challenging so you can’t play small.  Don’t hold back or water down your desires. Go for the highest vision of what you can imagine, then you’ll have more energy and others will want to support you. Pioneers don’t compromise or conform. Business success comes from the energy of holding nothing back. Give it your all and prosper.

2). Hold a grand vision of what you want. See that vision daily. Get pumped if you can’t get pumped you’ve chosen too small. If I could wave the magic wand of outstanding success over you and your business, what would that look like? Imagine that. It’s the energy of how you feel and what you see that will carry you through the tough times.

3). Authentic business startup success does not usually happen without massive, inspired action. Learn the language of marketing and how to ask for what you want. Then ask boldly and often.

4). Try lots of stuff and smile when you fail.  If that traditional advertising campaign does not yield the results you expected, try something different — maybe an online advertising or social media campaign.  Love yourself for having the courage to make frequent mistakes. Mistake making is a normal part of the process. You will not succeed without missing the mark more often than not. Love yourself even more than you think is possible.

5). Place yourself compassionately in the shoes of your customers. Be vulnerable and connect. Be human and share how you are, like they are. Tell it like it is, authentically.

6). Enthusiastically love your work, yourself, your language, your marketing, your customers, your mistakes, your joy, your pain and your trials. Love it all deeply and completely. That’s the only way you’ll care enough to persist.

7). Hold frequent conversations. This is my best business startup advice. Conversations create opportunities. You’ll see things you couldn’t see previously, by listening and expressing authentically.

8). There is a deeper, purer river of meaningful service flowing within you and you must tap it in order to flourish and thrive. When faced with critical decision go deep within. Your heart knows the way. Your mind just wants to see what others will say.

9). Always look for the sunny side. It’s there. A new business startup will not succeed without sustained focus on what’s working well. Know, think about and talk about what you want. Leave the negativity to the nightly news. Only fools think and talk about what they don’t want. Park the self-judgment permanently.

10). Practice compassion, self-love and gratitude. Look for what you truly appreciate about yourself and your business. Be grateful and build on those.

When you want to get really clear on how to make the leap with confidence – apply here.


  1. This was a very inspiring post, Tom. I think the key to it all is #6.
    Business is truly the easiest and quickest way to discover your life lessons. If you can’t love it all and have compassion and love for yourself and your journey then you will have a rough go of it.

    The only other thing that I would add to your list is that if your business is aligned with your life purpose you will have a MUCH better chance of holistic, authentic success.

  2. Hi Keena – Yes I like your addition as well. We all have our favorites and the key is to put yourself authentically in play. Action clarifies.

  3. > river of meaningful service
    I like that — both the power of the metaphor and the idea that your unique contribution flows from the inside out.

  4. J.D. – Yes sir that’s the only place it could flow from. I always feel smarter when you agree with me. I guess I’m easy. 🙂

  5. Chris Edgar says

    Hi Tom, I liked what you said about having frequent conversations — one big realization I had recently was that I tend to retreat to my “cave” to come up with ideas as opposed to reaching out to people I know, and I want this phase of my work to be all about collaboration.

  6. Chris – Yeah I know what you mean. We thinkers can hole up a long time without the benefit of feedback but nothing really happens without a conversation. It’s really the best way to get out of our heads and into our hearts where we can connect with others.

  7. A great post. I have been in this business for some years now, and I am so glad every time when I meet honest people that are really authentic and not hiding behind a fake alias. That will always bite you in the end.

    I really like this blog and will subscribe right now! Keep it going!

  8. Coincidentally or not I will start soon on my own way. I decide to start a homebusiness next month and this kind of tips will help me out. Thank you!

  9. Adwello says

    Good points, Tom. I think so many more people could start a healthy business and enjoy more leisure time and less stress along with better remuneration but the fear factor puts people off. What if? Supposing? Sometimes following your gut feeling and jumping in is the best approach. Your new business may fail but at least you have set aside fear and are ready to start a new idea with experience!

  10. Adwello – I totally agree. Jumping in is the only thing that does work because it puts you in play and allows you to make mistake and adjust. True calling based business are more easily created than found. They are all created by someone or some group who said “let’s do this!”

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